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I think it's important to find a photographer who's work you love, but also one who you'll enjoy having around and have something in common with! We're going to be spending some time together, and I don't work in silence! If hiking, camping, spending time outside, going to the cottage, or loving animals is something you do, I can confidently say we'll get along just fine!

"But, what if I want to wear heels to my session?" You ask? WE CAN DO THAT TOO. We don't have to hop in canoes or hike for five hours to find an adventure. Pack your heels in a backpack and follow me!

what else is included?

Aside from a super-fun photoshoot and an awesome experience, there are a few more things you'll get with your session. Here are the deets;

I like to make sure each of my couple's receives the information you need to make your special day or photoshoot the best in can be. When you book with me I send you a guide that includes what to wear, some location suggestions, and any other 'need to know' details! get ready to have ALL the knowledge!

I deliver High-resolution images of all the photos that we take at the session....but not the in-between, eyes closed, bug-just-flew-up-my-nose shots (okay, maybe sometimes those shots). These images are perfect for immediate sharing, and also for printing and hanging on your wall for years to come. Turnaround time for sessions is usually two weeks, and weddings usually take about 4-6 weeks.